Injustice 2 2.6.0 Comes With Halloween Events And New Characters

Who would you choose, if you could make your own Justice League? Injustice 2 2.6.0 will let you join your favorite Super Heroes and Villains from the DC Universe. Perhaps one of the best fighting games on mobile, Injustice 2 will allow you to assemble a team of heroes – like Wonder Woman, Flash or Batman – to battle all kinds of enemies.


You can master stunning combos and destroy opponents in 3-on-3 fights that are pretty dynamic. Your Super Heroes can be upgraded with special powers as you make your way through the game.

Epic battles

Collecting gear for your heroes and beating up your enemies in PvP battles will make you a champion. You will be defined by the type of encounters you have, as you join the fight and find your path towards becoming the ultimate DC champion.

Action-filled fights

You will be able of unleashing some epic combos on your foes. We are talking about stuff like The Flash’s lightning kick, Superman’s heat vision, or Harley Quinn’s cupcake bomb among others.
Reach the next level of your battles by inflicting massive damage through your DC characters’ favorite super moves.

Each fight you win will give you rewards which you can use to customize your characters with powerful equipment. You can even collect special versions of your characters, like Arkham Knight Batman, Armored Superman and so on.
You and your friends can join hands and form an unstoppable League. Together with them, you will spoil Brainiac’s plans of collecting the worlds and defeat him.

Story continuation

Injustice 2 2.6.0 comes as a follow-up to the storyline introduced in Injustice: Gods Among Us. You will enjoy cinematics of console quality as the Justice League depends on you to take up the story and form an undefeatable team.

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