Clash of Clans Meets Civilisation in New Game – Legend: Rising Empire

NetEase is on the Clash of Clans wagon with their new game called Legend: Rising Empire, and by the looks of it, it’s some kind of Clash of Clans and Civilisation that you can enjoy on a mobile phone.

What we like about it is the fact that the city has more than 40 different types of buildings and an immersive feel for the casual gamer, but also interesting battle modes and strategies that will help you conquer and destroy your enemies. Here are some features that are similar to Clash of Clans and some unique twists in Legend: Rising Empire.

Build a Thriving City and Turn it into an Empire

You’ll start with a city and expand it and build an empire, but as with any city builder game, you need resources. Use them wisely and defend your settlement from players and bandits.

Remember to balance your investments in economy and military to reach a golden age for your civilization. You will also be able to choose a faction – Money, Industrial, or Warmonger. Each one will come with strengths and weaknesses, but it will also come with allies that can help you.

Battles More Appealing

Unlike Clash of Clans, battles in Legend: Rising Empire involve the player. So you will need to position the troops to win the fight and for example, use knights to protect the rangers. It’s all about strategy and defending the city from opponents or bandits, while also conquering strategic territories, which makes the game similar to Civilization.

Global Alliances allow the players around the world to compete or work together in the same server. Allies will help you out in battles or trade crucial resources to help you develop your empire.

Casual and Fun

The casual part of the game is the more laid back part where you can farm, mine and manage your city. The lead game designer, Says Yuan Fei, explains that the game is a breathing ecosystem:

“Player actions affect not just troop morale but also the happiness and well-being of their city’s inhabitants. We have spent a lot of time on the little things to make the game more immersive and let the players feel as if their land is a living, breathing ecosystem.”

It sounds like fun, and it will surely be successful with all the new content coming up and special rewards that attract everyone. The game was released on 26 October, and it’s free to download on Google Play and Apple App Store. Their latest addition has just begun, and it will be live until 8 November – it’s Halloween themed, and it comes with exclusive rewards.

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