Top 5 Halloween Themed Games For Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS and Android

Celebrate Halloween in front of your favorite gaming setup and let the dread creep in. If you like horror movies, then these next five games will place you right inside the story and force you to survive through weird and gruesome scenarios.

Alien: Isolation – PS4/Xbox One/PC

The movie Alien is reflected in this game where you have to escape the creature and find your way through the empty haunting corridors of a deserted space station. The messages from the former residents hint at the horror story that the colony went through, making the game creepier and suspenseful.

Silent Hill 4: The Room – PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC

The series is perfect for those that enjoyed Resident Evil. It’s a survival horror game that focuses on psychological terror. The protagonist lives in a haunted apartment, and the game starts with him being trapped in that apartment for five days.

He finds a hole in the bathroom wall that leads to completely different worlds. According to what you choose during the game, you can reach one of the four different endings.

Alan Wake – PS3/Xbox 360/PC

The classic storytelling game based on light and darkness makes this game a psychological thriller that resembles a Stephen King book.

The protagonist, Alan Wake, uses a flashlight in his journey through the small Washington town to expose The Dark Presence that attacks him and his wife during the six episodes in the game.

Resident Evil HD Remaster – PS4/Xbox One/PC

The original Resident Evil is the definition of the survival horror on which modern games are based on. The HD remaster makes the old game better while keeping the original controls.

You’ll be forced to navigate a mansion and survive with limited resources, complete puzzles and dodge zombies and other enemies.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – PC/iOS/Android

We wanted to include a game for mobile users, so what’s better than the popular horror game Five Night’s at Freddy’s. You’ll move from room to room and monitor the security camera, as you are a security guard in a pizza restaurant. The restaurant has some animatronic characters that come to life and will pop in for a jump scare, forcing you to start the game over and avoid the creepy characters all over again.

There are many other horror games, each with a different story, twist, or gameplay.

PC gamers will be able to play Left 4 Dead 2, Dying Light, The Evil Within 2, Resident Evil 7, Dead Space, Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th: The Game, DOOM, and F.E.A.R, but most of them are also available on PS3/PS4 or Xbox One/Xbox 360.

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