PES CLUB MANAGER 2.0.3 Comes With Bug Fixes and Optimization

PES Club Manager is a soccer tactical simulation game coming from the ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ series and it was already downloaded by over 30 million people from around the globe. It just received a major update which includes the 2018/2019 season roster and it also implemented an upgraded match AI that really enhances the soccer game.


The dynamics and the player actions on the field are even more enhanced now through the use of a new engine which was based on the ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2018’ mobile app. The update also brought along some new goal celebrations and through them the dramatic scenes that you are going to experience are embellished.

There is also a new mode called ‘All Star Series’ and it will be available straight after you download the game. You can challenge your rivals as a manager of a team that consists of global stars from all the corners of the world.

The Contents of the new Update

The latest update introduced the 2018/19 season team and every player comes with upgraded data. The Commentary feature has been incorporated as well and the Match Engine has been upgraded to match the one present on the ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2018’ mobile app.

Basic actions, such as dribbling, ball trap, shooting and passing, received new animations which make the gameplay increase in variety. New player skills have been added as well, like heel trick, heading, low lofted pass, Rabona, acrobatic clear, Malicia and, as we previously stated, the new ‘all-star series’ mode has also been introduced.


Through PES Club Manager 2018 you will enjoy playing realistic matches with high-quality 3D graphics and you will be able of analyzing the tactics in real-time on an animated 2D screen.

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