Trivia Crack 2 1.5.2 Comes With Bug Fixes And Visual Improvements

Do you want to show off how smart you are? Then download Trivia Crack 2 and challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition, and prove how smart you are. Use this chance to train your brain. There are some people saying that trivia isn’t useful. Well, Trivia Crack 2 will keep your brain sharp through its thousands of challenging trivia questions.

Become an expert

The game will allow you to collect characters, the original ones from Trivia Crack 2, as you will level up and obtain the opportunity to win amazing prizes. Becoming a trivia expert will have you answering questions from the game’s 6 categories: Geography, Art, Sport, Science, Entertainment and History to show how smart you really are.

You can create your own team or join one made of Trivia experts. Creating your own team will help you climb the rankings of Trivia Crack 2 where you will find that there are a lot of prizes waiting for you.


The game’s graphics have been fully renovated which will allow you to enjoy beautiful environments and animations, with the accompanying colors being sharper than ever. So, download Trivia Crack 2 and play it with your friends or your family. Its thousands of challenging questions will really sharpen your brain and joining a team or creating one from scratch will help you socialize.

Also included

There are a lot of questions to which you can answer in more than 20 languages. You will have millions of active users from which you can choose a challenge. Also, some of the questions are created by the game’s very users. What are you waiting for? Download Trivia Crack 2 1.5.2 and enjoy loads of fun since you won’t have to pay for anything.


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