GTA 6 Release Date with a Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video game franchises as most gamers have played at least one game from the series. Five years have passed since GTA was released and fans are now asking for a sequel. Read below to learn what is currently known about the future of the series.

One source has already claimed that Rockstar is already working on a game codenamed Project Americas. Since it didn’t offer any viable proof, this claim is highly unreliable but it may contain a grain of truth.

Setting and timeline

Other sources believe that Rockstar may opt to return back to Vice City as the setting remains popular among fans. Vice City was modeled after Florida and a game set in the past would allow Rockstar to bypass the discussion of current controversies. One of the developers has recently stated during an interview that the current political climate is not favorable for another GTA title, a statement that could further reinforce the possibility of a new GTA title game that takes place in the past.

The introduction of a female protagonist

Rockstar has previously declared that a female protagonist could be introduced at some point in one of its future games if the setting was convenient. Since the multiple protagonist plots of GTA V remains acclaimed, Rockstar may opt to launch another GTA game that features multiple protagonists, including one with a female protagonist.

Possible release date

With RDR2 freshly released Rockstar is now working hard on RDR Online, an multiplayer experience that aims to be at least on par with GTA Online. The company has already assured fans that future patches for GTA Online will be released along with new content for RDR Online.

The game could be formally announced by 2020 but an exact date remains elusive. Rockstar has established that only the best version of a game will be released and applying the finishing touches may take a while.

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