Overwatch – Ashe, the new hero, is incredibly fun

The latest news regarding Overwatch brought attention to Ashe, the latest added hero. Ashe is an outlaw and those who attended BlizzCon have had the opportunity to preview her before she goes to the PTR sometime next week.

What can she do?

In case you didn’t notice from how she looks like, Ashe is a ranged damage hero with the ability of summoning another hero and a boomstick sidearm. The other hero’s name is Bob and you can bring him to the battlefield.

We can safely say that Ashe isn’t a hero that changes the game, instead she’s another option for players who would like characters able of firing from a distance and provide great aim. Here’s how her full kit looks like.


The Viper – Ashe has a semi-automatic rifle capable of firing quick shots, or she can use her aim-down sights for guaranteeing a more precise and damaging shot.

Dynamite – This ability has her throwing an explosive that blows up after a short delay or you can shoot it and it will explode immediately. Also, the explosion caused by Dynamite can light your enemies on fire, which can deal damage over time.

Coach Gun – Ashe can blast her enemies that stand in front of her by knocking them away while propelling herself backwards for an increase in mobility.

B.O.B – No, not the rapper. Ashe can call her omnic sidekick B.O.B to the battlefield. He can charge forward and knock your opponents into the air. After this, he lays down and starts shooting suppressing fire with his arm cannons.


Her kit isn’t so complicated. You can see that there are some complex interactions, like her Coach Gun being used as an escape or her Dynamite deals damage to a certain area. Ashe won’t change the game, but she will sit comfortably within the roster of heroes.

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