Pokemon Go – How To Get Your Hands On A Shiny Gengar

Another special raid day is brought to you by Pokemon Go, something that was usually reserved solely for legendary Pokemon. However, this time the game’s developers chose to release a spooky Gen 1 entry, Gengar.


Since the beginning, Gengar grew out to be one of the most powerful ghost types in the game. That is exactly why this day will represent a pretty solid one to try your luck in landing yourself a high CP one. All the Gengars released today will come with a combination of Psychic and Lick, a pairing of moves that is pretty solid as well and, naturally, as it has become a trademark of these special raid days, this will represent the first opportunity for players to get their hands on a shiny Gengar.

Raid days

These occasions are different from those Community Days because they come with a much higher chance of landing yourself a shiny pokemon as opposed to regular wild spawn events. The reason behind is that there is a limited number of raids that you can get to and complete in three hours. On the other hand, wild spawns for Community Days occur in greater numbers during the same timeframe.

What does this mean?

This means that while the Community Days come with a shiny rate placed usually somewhere around 4-5% (although, recently, it feels a bit higher), special raid days like this one come with a higher probability, something like 15-25%, although an exact figure couldn’t be found.

During the first one of these, Niantic made the mistake of keeping the spawn rate for shiny pokemons the same. This lead to only a few people who were able of obtaining one since they had to perform between 30 and 50 raids in three hours. This changed, luckily.

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