Relaxation Techniques That Include Gaming

Many people believe that video games are not helpful and might also make us less social or more stressed up. However, recent studies revealed that games could help us relax by lowering the pressure. Here are some relaxation techniques that include gaming.

Gamers will always tell you that video games, even those violent ones, help them relieve stress and make them more social than the majority believe, especially when playing multiplayer games. Also, the researchers tend to agree with gamers, but they also mention that, indeed, in some people, violent games might boost their aggressiveness.

As for the games’ power to reduce stress, recent studies revealed that there is no link between gaming and stress, poor social skills, work productivity, or academic behavior.

With that in mind, we can tell that not every game in the world is beneficial in reducing stress, so, here’s a list of games and relaxation techniques that include gaming, which can indeed be helpful in making us feel better.

Relaxation Techniques That Include Gaming

Casual games

Casual games are indeed fun to play, and they don’t demand much skills to complete them. So, you’ll only be playing to feel relaxed and not to compete with others or with yourself. Commonly, casual games are not violent, so they’re also suitable for teenagers.

Games that develop skills

Many think that video games are not capable of bringing anything useful to gamers. However, some games develop skills, such as boosting brain power or building specific abilities. Puzzle games (such as match-three or crosswords puzzles) fall under this category, as well.

Multiplayer games

The majority blames games for making players less social. However, multiplayer games are indeed making gamers more social, and there are dozens of such games which even made people set up events where the fans can meet and socialize. Definitely, one of the best relaxation techniques that include gaming.

Gambling games

As long as you control yourself or do it for fun, gambling games are, surprisingly, very relaxing. Be them betting or slot games machines, these video games are helping you relieve stress by activating the reward area in the brain.

Stress-management games

Yes, there are such video games – stress-management games! Their single purpose is to help people relax and relieve stress. These games use sensors to measure the tension of the gamers. The goal of such a game would be to make you earn some in-game rewards only if you can keep calm and relaxed in the real-word.

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