Honkai Impact 3rd 2.3.0 Comes With New Battlesuits and Content

Let us begin the Battle of Schicksal. All crew get to your battle stations! You must direct all your firepower against Schicksal HQ and seize Air Terminal 3! We will raise our blades against Schicksal for the sake of our faith.

Doing this will be the ultimate sacrifice that we can make. Make sure that you become of steel before you find out what Destiny has in store for us all! Even though you are a Herrscher, you must not leave your comrades behind since they won’t ever do it to you as well.

Squire and Rogue

As the sun begins to set and the stars begin to rise you will see the Night Squire try to blend elegantly into the crowd. In the meanwhile, the lone heroine dons her mask in order to take on the disguise of the Sixth Serenade pledged to defend the honor of the House of Kaslana.

You will find that Fu Hua’s A-rank battlesuit (Night Squire) and Kallen’s S-rank battlesuit (Sixth Serenade) are ready for entering the battle. You will be the defender of Lady Justice and all she stands for.

Valkyrie Chronicles

You will enter the Sealed Realms in order to uncover the legend that stands behind the Xuanyuan Sword. Take the chance and explore the everlasting memories of the clone bound to her timeless pledge.

You will have to face the ultimate dilemma found in the dreamlands as you play a fantasy game that was dedicated to a lost love. Take the chance and enjoy the restored historical events or those found in the past in tip-top quality.

Equipment updates

Enjoy the new weapons coming from the Schicksal Arsenal Research Lab represented by the Tranquil Arias, a pair of mysterious pistols. Download Honkai Impact 3rd now.

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