Pokemon GO Special Event Announced by Niantic

Niantic and The Pokemon Company have officially announced a new event for Pokemon GO. From November 6th until next November 13th, you can get more stellar powders than usual. Those of you who are active users of the popular application will know that stellar powders are vital to extend the power of our Pokemon as well as to make some of the most special exchanges of the title.

Now, all coaches will receive double the stellar powders for each Pokemon captured, as well as for each hatch of an egg. An unbeatable opportunity to increase our stock of this much-needed resource in Pokemon GO. But the rain of stellar powders also leaves us new fourth-generation Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

The pre-evolution of Roselia, Budew as well as Buizel of Water-type can appear in their wild forms. The latter may also be targeted in some of the raids available.

Pokemon GO Special Event Announced by Niantic

However, these are not the only novelties that await us during this month. It is still possible to find a greater number of Ponytas and Cubones in the wild, thus increasing the possibility of obtaining a colorful version of these two characters.

As if that were not enough, the biggest fans of Typhlosion will have to pay attention to the next Pokemon GO Community Day, as the Niantic company has already confirmed that, on November 10th, Cyndaquil will appear wildly more often. The bait modules will last three hours during the event, and we can get a Typhlosion with the special move if we manage to evolve a Quilava until an hour after the event.

Niantic and The Pokemon Company have already confirmed that during the Pokemon GO Community Day scheduled on November 10th, coaches would also get twice the experience and stellar powders for each capture they made.

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