Overwatch on Nintendo Switch? Blizzard Is Still Considering This Option

With the launch of Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch, Blizzard demonstrated that it could make great games for the Nintendo’s console. Now Blizzard is still considering the option to roll out Overwatch on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, for all this console’s fans and users, Overwatch would finally roll out on Switch.

And, indeed, the fans of Nintendo Switch would love to see Overwatch launch on their favorite console and, even more, some also believe that Blizzard will roll out the before-mentioned game for the popular Nintendo’s video games console.

To find out more about Blizzard’s plans regarding the release of Overwatch for Nintendo Switch, the folks from the Eurogamer news portal, had the opportunity to debate the topic with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan. Kaplan did not confirm the launch of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch, but he admitted that the option is still appealing for Blizzard, the renowned video games developer.

Blizzard Still Thinks About Launching Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

“Our philosophy has always been we want as many players playing Overwatch as possible, and we want to reach as many possible Overwatch players as are out there. We will always explore a platform if we think we could make it viable – both the technology and the business relationship. We would love to do it,” Jeff Kaplan said for Eurogamer.

Kaplan also said that his words are not an official statement on the launch of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch, but people should know that Blizzard is actively taking that as a possibility.

Overwatch is still a top-rated video game, although it rolled out about two and a half years ago. Also, the Legendary Edition is still doing good in the market as Blizzard is still adding new content to the game, including new characters.

For the moment, Overwatch is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but an Overwatch on Nintendo Switch is still an option for Blizzard.

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