Destiny 2: Gambit To Come With Pinnacle Weapon Next Season

During the third season of Destiny 2, Bungie, the game’s developer, added the Redrix’s Claymore, a pinnacle weapon meant for top-tier Crucible players. Bungie, with the launch of Forsaken, expanded the varieties of pinnacle weapons to add competitiveness and quick play for the fans of the Luna’s Howl and Redrix’s Broadsword quests. The focus, however, remained on PvP. In the next season, Season 5, the developer will add Gambit mode to broaden the pinnacle weapons array.

Today, throughout the Bungie Bounty, the devs had to answer to the dozens of questions about the Gambit mode. While many of the answers illuminated the fans concerning how the mode changed during development and whether Bungie would fix some issues, overall, the fans got excited when Bungie confirmed Gambit pinnacle weapon next season.

However, it was not an official announcement but only a confirmation of something some of the fans already knew thanks to some rumors.

Destiny 2: Gambit To Come With Pinnacle Weapon Next Season

Supposedly, the new Gambit pinnacle weapon would come with unique characteristics, favoring the Gambit mode in Destiny 2 Season 5, and will be the most sought-after reward for completing a tough, long quest.

It makes a lot of sense for Bungie to bring pinnacle weapons for other famous Destiny 2 modes, given the popularity of such armory items in Luna’s Howl quest. Besides, PvE has plenty of quests with extrinsic rewards, such as Wish Ender, but now both PvP and Gambit mode will get some novelties that would be enough reasons for the game’s fans to invest more time playing.

Bungie will also address the catch-up mechanics in Gambit mode in Destiny 2, that besides adding a new pinnacle weapon, as we’ve already debted above. As for the catch-up mechanics, Bungie admitted that it witnessed a lot of quitting as it was almost impossible for the losing teams to recover.

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