Fix PUBG Campaign Closed, And Here Are The Results

Just a couple of day ago, Fix PUBG campaign, designed to enhance the game’s performance and stability, ended with the expected results.

PUBG was a game that, more or less, started the new and trendy Battle Royale genre. When PUBG came out, there were not many video games in the market that could offer the Battle Royale experience of tension just as the Blue Hole game did.

However, its constant performance issues had caused the game to be left behind, especially when other big names in the video game industry came with their own Battle Royale titles. Among them, noteworthy are Treyarch with its recently released Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Epic Games with its Fornite, the direct competitor to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

To try to improve the gaming experience, the people of Blue Hole launched a campaign last summer to try to maximize the PUBG experience, an initiative called “Fix PUBG.” This project is now over, and the developer shared the outcomes, stating it’s quite happy with these results.

Objective accomplished – Fix PUBG is over, and the game devs are happy with the results

Among the achievements the Fix PUBG campaign made, the almost 2 million players using cheats to get an edge over the others have been banned, while mapping and game loading times have been considerably reduced of nearly fifteen seconds to just five. Also, the devs said that there are still plans for a higher performance regarding loading times.

Besides, the PUBG framerate has also been improved by up to 20%, which is something the PUBG fans have waited for a long time.

In conclusion, from the list of 100 “Fix PUBG” goals, all of them have been achieved. Considering that the game would arrive very soon to PS4, we can say that it will reach Sony’s console in better shape than ever.

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