Microsoft Could Launch A New Xbox One With No Disk Drive in 2019

In 2019, Microsoft could launch an Xbox One console without a disk drive. Microsoft has high ambitions in the hardware field and, during the E3 2019 edition, where it will feel a little lonely without Sony, it could multiply the announcements regarding its future consoles.

According to Thurrott’s information published a few days earlier, the Redmond-based tech giant plans to launch an Xbox One without a disk drive, making it a fully digital console focused on streaming and downloads.

This future version, which would position itself below the Xbox One S in the range, would ensure an ever softer end of life for the PS4’s competitor. It would also appear to be the ideal platform for the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that gives access to dozens of titles for only $9.99 per month.

The Xbox One with no disk drive would come out with a program for turning physical copies into digital ones

Microsoft has no desire to harm its users, so it would also launch a plan that would allow you to convert your physical game library into a digital copy. Also, the company thinks to establish partnerships with stores where gamers could go to and exchange their disk-based games with digital codes for downloading the respective titles directly from Xbox.

Thurrott also mentions a new Xbox One S which would retain its UHD Blu-ray player and only serve, for the manufacturer, to further reduce production costs. Note that these future revisions have nothing to do with the so-called Xbox One Scarlett, the next-generation console expected to roll out in 2020 with lots of improvements, including an Xbox backward compatibility mode.

In the meantime, in 2019, we might have a new Xbox One with no disk drive, designed only for digital copies of the compatible games.

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