The First Battlefield 5 DLC To Come Out on December 6th With Many Novelties

Scheduled for December 6th, the first update and DLC for Battlefield 5 will include a brand new War Story, a new map, and much more. DICE specified it from the beginning that all Battlefield 5 DLCs will be free and the first one will come into play next month.

The first Battlefield 5 DLC will come with the “Overture” chapter which will include a new chapter in the Solo mode called “The Last Tiger” where we will follow in the footsteps of a German tank crew at the end of the war. New weapons and vehicles will also arrive into the game as well as a new multiplayer map set in Belgium.

However, until January 2019 we won’t have the Major Operations mission, as well as the return of Rush and Squad multiplayer modes. Besides, the Battle Royale fans must wait until March 2019 for the arrival of the Firestorm mode, along with a new map, a new mission for the cooperative mode, and a new multiplayer mode.

The First Battlefield 5 DLC To Come Out on December 6th With Many Novelties

For the moment, only English and German forces are playable through the eight cards of Battlefield 5. Each soldier of both factions is fully customizable, but that not an issue-free job. The problem that players and developers themselves admitted is not a computer problem, but rather an optimization problem as, indeed, when you customize, for example, the English assault class, you must also do it for the German assault class.

The different classes of Battlefield 5, of which there are 4, namely Assault, Medic, Scout, and Support, have been modified. Each class will have two combat roles, the second of which must be unlocked.

In Battlefield 5, each of these classes will have a specific role with pros and cons that must be taken into account and controlled to win the game. The appearance of the characters will also change as they gain experience.

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