Yandex Browser with Protect Comes With Power Saving Mode Available For All Users

Yandex represents a secure and stylish browser that comes with voice search and data compression. This means that you will be able to use it with almost every data plan, without having to worry about eating through too much data.


You will be able to view news, stories and videos sourced directly from the internet. That is happening based on what you are interested in and it will come presented to you through Zen, as a feed.

Cut down data consumption

Yandex will reduce the data usage while making the loading of images and webpages happening quicker. When you suffer from slow internet connection, then the browser’s Turbo Mode will turn on automatically and take care of it.

No more ads

Ads can be really annoying, right? Get rid of them on various websites by incorporating third-party blocking apps with ad blocking.


Yandex 31 is able to protect your data when you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks. It will keep you away from fraudulent and harmful pages as well, thanks to Protect, its active security system.

Keep it clean

Yandex gives you the possibility of hiding elements unrelated to the interface. Things like ads, widgets, site menus or various buttons can be removed, leaving only the relevant text and complimentary images on the screen. Reader Mode is what makes it possible.


Yandex’s Incognito Mode will allow you to surf the net privately. The browser won’t keep track of your search queries, your browsing history or your passwords while this mode is used.


Yandex Browser can be customized with a range of backgrounds which you can find inside the wallpaper library to suit any mood or style.

Keep favorites

You can access your favorite bookmarks or websites on any device, as long as you allow Yandex to sync your data.

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