Top Music Players for PC Users

Surprisingly or not, not everybody likes to listen to their favorite music on their smartphone. There are plenty of PC users out there who enjoy the good old way of listening to their favorite artists and songs on the computer.

Let’s also not forget that listening to music on your phone robs you of that joyful experience of listening to your favorite tracks along with your neighbors. Letting others know what amazing musical taste you have can surely amplify the experience of enjoying your favorite music!

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player remains a classic choice for those who prefer listening to music on their Windows PC. This app offers a friendly interface and essential features for those who want to play music files, organize playlists, and manage their digital music library.


Let’s also not forget about the iconic Winamp program, which has been a favorite among music enthusiasts for many years. Plenty of folks still prefer this program today when it comes to how they play their favorite music. That’s because Winamp offers customizable skins, essentialplayback controls, playlist management, as well as support for more than just one audio format.


Foobar2000 is a customizable music player that puts performance and functionality in the first place. You even have the freedom to customize this app in numerous ways. Foobar2000’s strongholds are also represented by extensive plugin support and modular design, as the program allows users to adapt their listening experience in the way they want.

iTunes for Windows

iTunes is mainly known as a media management tool for Apple devices, but even so, it functions as a music player for local audio files in the case of those who prefer listening to music from Windows computers. This program stands out for having features for creating playlists, organizing music libraries, and syncing with iOS devices.


AIMP is another sleek and powerful music player that combines a minimalist design with amazing audio features. This app supports a wide range of audio formats, as it offers customizable playback settings, and it also includes features such as internet radio streaming and an audio converter.

Groove Music

Did you know that Microsoft has its own music player and streaming service, which is known as Groove Music? This program offers access to a vast collection of songs and albums, although we must keep in mind that it’s primarily focused on streaming.

If you choose Groove Music as your main app for playing audio files, you need to know that it also allows you to play local music files that are stored on Windows devices.


Feel free to also offer MusicBee some attention, as this is a music player that’s teeming with features. It also has a friendly interface and advanced playback options, while it even offers tools for syncing with portable devices, organizing music libraries, and customizing the appearance and behavior of the player.

You don’t have to be ashamed if you still listen to music on the PC. While smartphones are more popular than ever, listening to your favorite songs on a Windows computer can still be extremely satisfying.

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