Coding Arsenal: Essential Apps Every Programmer Needs

You might have finally decided to start your coding journey, as you are probably armed with a lot of enthusiasm. Coding can certainly make you become a true programmer and earn a lot of money, but only if you have the right software tools.

Being a programmer without the basic software tools is practically impossible. Sure, you might still be able to do it, but your work would be 10 times more difficult. Thankfully, there are lots of apps out there that will ease your mission of becoming a true programmer, so without further ado, let’s get into detail:

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is the text editor you need as a programmer, as it will vastly ease your coding process. That’s because this app can easily anticipate the code you need based on how you use it. For instance, if you type a beginning tag, the end tag will automatically appear there for you. Also, Sublime Text 3 comes equipped with a few powerful shortcuts to do pretty much anything you need with the code you write. You can easily select various portions of it, move, copy, and more.


GitHub easily allows you to share your work with others, even if it’s not done yet. In fact, you need that work not to be done, as the purpose of the app is to ease collaborative work. In other words, GitHub makes it easier for you and your colleagues to build an app or video game together. You can use the app to easily and rapidly see the latest changes in the code done by your partner, for instance.

GitHub is an awesome app for tracking changes, solving issues, and coordinating projects in an efficient and fast way. The app will do its job just fine regardless if you’re working solo or as part of a team.

Stack Overflow

Here’s a sad aspect of programming: each and every programmer out there, regardless of his work experience, gets stuck or writes bad lines of code. It’s just unavoidable. But that’s where Stack Overflow comes into the scene, as it’s an online platform that can rapidly provide solutions for any programmer on the planet.

Stack Overflow is an online community of developers that offers a vast repository of questions and answers that cover a wide range of programming topics. There’s a very active community on the platform that is always willing to help, so you can feel free and just copy and paste your faulty code there. The users will figure out what’s wrong with that code and why it doesn’t work.


In any collaborative work, communication is key. Slack is the platform that can grant you efficient communication and collaboration with your team. Slack is known for chat channels, file sharing capabilities, and integration with third-party tools. The developers who choose Slack will definitely remain connected and productive, whether they choose to work remotely or in the office.


A bit of AI magic can represent the solution to many problems nowadays, and the famous ChatGPT chatbot created by the guys from OpenAI can also solve a lot of faulty lines of code. You just need to copy and paste the code into the chat and ask the chatbot about the issues you have. You might be surprised to realize that ChatGPT is also a great programmer!

If, in the end, you reckon that becoming a programmer is still too difficult for you, there’s always the chance of hiring a programmer to build you the website you need.

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