Top Apps That Will Improve Your Pronunciation Skills

Learning a new language isn’t exactly like a walk in the park, regardless of how much you may be passionate about it. Even if you begin to master casual conversations in a foreign language, you can’t really say that you are good at that specific language if your pronunciation still needs improvement.

Learning a new language sure has its undeniable advantages. You could consider moving to another country, watching movies without subtitles, making a presentation, and so on. Regardless of your reason to start learning a new language, gaining information is almost always a good thing.

Elsa Speak

Named after a Disney character known as Elsa Speak, this app can be your companion for mastering pronunciation in the English language. Elsa Speak assures speech recognition technology and lots of interactive lessons. Therefore, you will get the chance to tackle tricky sounds and intonations, which means that you can surely be capable of clear and confident communication.


Let’s not forget that language learning is a social behavior, and the HelloTalk app confirms it through the fact that it was designed to bring learners together from across the world. This app behaves as a language exchange platform, as it can connect users with native speakers of their target language. How could you possibly learn a new language better, other than speaking it with a person who knows it very well?

With HelloTalk, you can learn a new language through voice messaging and live chat features, and you will even get to receive feedback regarding your pronunciation.

Google Translate

Did you know that the highly popular Google Translate app can also teach you how to pronounce certain words and expressions right after you type them? While the app is mostly known as a translation software tool, you can also use it to improve your pronunciation.

You can hear the pronunciation of certain words and phrases by using Google Translate’s “Listen” feature. You can even benefit from instant auditory feedback and pronunciation practice.


Speechify can also be your trustful and personal pronunciation coach on the go. This app uses advanced speech recognition technology, and it provides instant feedback regarding your pronunciation. It can help you identify and correct errors in real-time, which is always a plus.

Speechify is also known for having a vast library of languages and dialects that you can choose.

Forvo Pronunciation

Forvo Pronunciation also deserves a place on this list, as it is a very efficient app for teaching users how to pronounce words and phrases correctly. This app has a crow-sourced database of more than 5 million words in over 350 languages, and it allows users to hear authentic pronunciations from native speakers. All you have to do to benefit from the amazing benefits of Forvo Pronunciation is type a word and listen to the audio recordings that the app delivers. Therefore, you have great chances of improving your pronunciation in a foreign language!


Tandem is an app that can pair users with language exchange partners for one-on-one video calls. Tandem adds a special focus on natural conversation and cultural exchange while it provides a captivating language learning experience to improve your pronunciation.

Feel free to tell us in the comment section about your own experiences with apps such as those mentioned in this article!

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