Half-Life Celebrates 20 Years – Half-Life’s Xen Remake Almost Done

Half-Life, one of the greatest FPS games ever released, just turned 20. The only news more significant than this one is that the Half-Life remake is almost done, so soon we’ll be able to replay the game with modern graphics.

Half-Life has been one of the most significant First Person Shooters, coming with very engaging gameplay, combining classic FPS features with many puzzles and a lovely storyline, revolving around secret experiments, aliens, military cover-ups, and conspiracies.

In short, Half-Life made history, as it rolled out 20 years ago, in 1998, as Valve’s first game ever, and brought new elements to the First Person Shooter genre. Back then, almost all FPS games were still level-based, and even though Half-Life itself was following the same criterium, to some extent, it somehow managed to come up with a cursive adventure, respecting its storyline.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we name it the FPS that made the transition from old-school shooters like DOOM and Quake to modern-era FPS.

Half-Life Celebrates 20 Years – Half-Life’s Xen Remake Almost Done

While Half-Life launched as a self-sufficient game, Valve explored (with success) some other features as well. Half-Life’s multiplayer mode was also fascinating, while the different game modes, either developed by Valve or not, also made gamers spent hours before their displays. Team Fortress and Half-Life: Opposing Forces are just two of the most popular Half-Life modes.

Also, let’s not forget that Half-Life’s engine put the basis for Counter-Strike.

If you’re willing to replay Half-Life, I recommend you try Half-Life: Black Mesa remake which is developed by Crowbar Collective, a team made of Half-Life fans who decided to bring this old-school game into the modern days with better graphics.

While the Half-Life: Black Mesa is already available on Steam for $17.99, the team behind the project is about to bring something new, a standalone Xen mode, based on the Half-Life’s Xen level, the most challenging one in the game. With about six hours of gameplay and revamped graphics, Xen mode would come out in 2019.

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