Valve’s Steam Link Hardware Got Discontinued For Good

Valve’s Steam Link was an exciting device that permitted users to link any device in their homes, such as a TV, to their computers stream games from it to virtually any gadget with a screen. All that was conducted via a WiFi network and gamers could connect input devices to the Steam Link so that they could play across their homes directly from their computer.

Even though the idea behind Valve’s Steam Link was fascinating, the hardware faced many challenges, being discontinued many times. Now, Valve announced that Steam Link is shut down for good.

Valve announced the discontinuance of the Steam Link device via the Steam Community. The company stated that they do not possess any more supplies for the Steam Link hardware across Europe, while across the United States the stocks will run out soon, as well. After that, Steam Link would not be available for buying.

Valve’s Steam Link Hardware Got Discontinued For Good, But It Would Support The Existing Devices

However, Valve plans to support the already bought Steam Link devices, for the moment, so users fo this device won’t be entirely left out.

The new Valve’s decision to discontinue Steam Link might have been due to the focus the company showed on moving from the dedicated hardware to software which is already available on popular platforms.

In 2017, for example, Valve released a Steam Link app dedicated to Samsung Smart TVs, while an Android beta version is also available. All these Steam Link applications are relying on the same technology designed for game streaming as the Steam Link device. Also, they boast additional features, such as support for the 4K resolution, which makes them better than the Steam Link hardware.

In conclusion, not many users would be disappointed about the Valve’s Steam Link discontinuance. However, if you want the hardware, you’ll still have the chance to grab one if you reside within the US.

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