Candy Crush Saga Comes With Sweet Features And Levels

Candy Crush Saga is a game with immense popularity all over the world, being played by millions of people. Until it became Candy Crush Saga, this game amassed over one trillion played levels. This is a humongous score for a sweet puzzle game, making it one of the most popular games in mobile entertainment history.

It isn’t too hard to pick up, either. You have to switch and match various types of Candy and watch this divine puzzle adventure suck you in as you progress to the next levels, building up your hope of achieving the ultimate sweet feeling. Candy Crush Saga will require quick thinking and smart moves from your part as you will be rewarded with some delicious cascades colored like a rainbow or combos which almost taste like candy.

In order to match 3 or more candies in a row (which is the purpose of the game) you will have to plan your moves ahead. You will get help in the form of boosters which you will have to use wisely so that you could overcome the stickier levels. Smashing the chocolate and collecting various ingredients across thousands of different levels will leave you craving for more, for sure.

You can take the adventure that is Candy Crush Saga on your own, or you can challenge your friends in order to see who can get the higher score. You will be happy to find out the Candy Crush Saga is a completely free to play game but there are still some optional items inside the game that might require payment.

The game is easy to sync between different devices and as soon as you connect to the internet you can unlock the full game features.

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