Diablo 4 Might Follow The Style Of Diablo II

Blizzcon has not been excellent at all for Blizzard and the Diablo saga. The Diablo Immortal announcement caused more discontent than joy, and the decision to not talk about the fourth title in the series was something that has not done the community much good either. However, it is known that Diablo IV is under works and, apparently, Blizzard would like to return to the style and graphics of Diablo II, which would finally be excellent news.

In an extensive report in which they make a complete x-ray of the current state of the saga, Kotaku claims to have information about Diablo 4. According to Kotaku, Blizzard intended initially to come up with a third-person Diablo 4 with mechanics similar to Dark Souls. However, they gave up on that idea in 2016 to look for something different.

A former employee of the company says that “Luis Barriga [Design Director] has a strong perspective of this game, one that has many excited in Blizzard.” The same source assures that Blizzard “wants this game to be rough and dark, and they want to remove everything considered ‘cartoon’ in Diablo III.”

Diablo 4 To Follow The Style Of Diablo II

The big problem with Diablo’s third installment was, for many saga fans, that it moved away from what made the Diablo franchise known regarding artistic style and spell effects.

Now, Blizzard seeks to return to the old-school path of Diablo II. According to the latest information, Diablo 4 will come out in 2020, if everything works as scheduled. There may still be room for many changes but, for the time being, everything indicated that Diablo 4 would follow the style of Diablo II.

The 2019 Blizzcon, on the other hand, may finally please the fans with a Diablo 4 presentation. The next year’s event will be essential for Blizzard to rewin the trust of the most loyal gamers of this renowned role-playing saga. In the meantime, Blizzard would surprise us with a Diablo-based mobile game.

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