Royal Blood 0.030 Comes With Interesting New Features

The story goes like this: war is upon us. The faction known as The Legion managed to found their way back to the realm and now the fate of the whole human race rests upon your shoulders. It is only you who can take back the throne!

Royal Blood 0.030 is the latest version of a massive multiplayer online role playing game that takes places into an open field and it comes with some breathtaking graphics. Let’s see what is packed within this lovely looking package.

Features of Royal Blood 0.030

First and foremost, Royal Blood will have you choosing your class. There are four different classes, so there are definitely some options for you to consider. First, you have the Warrior – this class comes with ‘Charge’ and ‘Defend’ abilities. Then, the Ranger can wield two pistols and a crossbow.

The Mage can cast either Flames or Frost while the Bard will enchant others with a Blessed Song or bring dismay with the Melodic Destruction. You will have to master your gameplay as soon as possible in order to unleash some attacks which are specific to your class. There’s another thing called the Switch Skillset which you will have to utilize carefully in order to show its true potential as efficiently as possible.

What’s new?

The newest thing coming with the latest update is represented by the Scroll Quests. These you have to complete to get some large amounts of Prisms and Gold which will help you level up even faster. Then, we are introduced the Constume Inherit Feature which translates into the possibility of passing on EXP/ level/ Rank of Costumes that you don’t longer use to other ones.

The Celestial Crystal Transformation will allow you to transform unnecessary Celestial Crystals into different ones.

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