PGS, A Double-Screened Video Game Console, Might Eventually Come Out

In the video game consoles and foldable smartphones markets, it seems like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Samsung, respectively, are leading the pack. While for the folding phones market Samsung Galaxy F would come out soon, the games console would also have an innovation. We’re talking about the double-screened PGS video game console.

As for the foldable smartphones market, Samsung Galaxy F, which would boast folding touchscreens, allowing the device to turn into a tablet from its phone mode, is right around the corner. Supposedly, it would come out with two OLED displays, one of 7.3 inches and another of 4.6 inches.

The world of video game consoles is continuously changing, so PGS would love to take a piece of this big pie. Accordingly, they plan on developing a video game console with two displays.

PGS, A Double-Screened Video Game Console, Might Eventually Come Out

In the world of video game consoles, the folks behind the PGS – Portable Gaming System – seem to be trying for a long time via Kickstarter to finance their project of a unique double-screened video game console, the two screens working together to reveal more in-game details. Initially, PGS canceled its project even though they obtained four times the amount of money they required.

Now, fortunately, it seems that the PGS devs are resuming the Portable Gaming System project. In a recent tweet, PGS stated that the PGS video game console with two screens would come out with Core m3-8100Y CPU, a much more powerful processor in comparison with the initial model that would’ve boasted an Intel Atom x7.

However, we still don’t know anything more about the possible release date of this potential future double-screened video game console or other technical specs. So far, some rumors say that the Portable Gaming System might run either Windows or Android.

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