My Nintendo Store of Japan Is Offering Free Posters and Nintendo Switch Online Trials, Among Others

We have no reasons to deny that the discounts and special offers provided by My Nintendo stores for the European and North American markets, but some of the physical goods Nintendo is offering are not coming to those markets. Now, Japan’s My Nintendo website is offering free posters and Nintendo Switch Online trials, among other special offers and products.

While the European and North American My Nintendo stores are offering discounts on 3DS and Wii U titles, they are far behind the glory of the famous Club Nintendo. Now, Japanese Nintendo fans can spend their Platinum Points on 8-bit Mario Pochi bags, a series of B2 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild posters, and B2 Super Mario Odyssey posters.

Nintendo Switch Online Trials Offered On My Nintendo Store of Japan, Along With Free Posters

Japan’s My Nintendo store is offering, besides the posters and physical goods mentioned seven-day trials of Nintendo Switch Online. The trials cost users 100 Platinum Points, while the other products are costing 300 points.

The delivery fee is then 540 Yen for each product, which is roughly $4.75. That means Japanese Nintendo fans can now add some new items to their collections of Nintendo gifts for some very affordable prices.

Besides, My Nintendo store in Japan also offers Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gifts, as follows:

  • OK Motors Cap (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption)
  • OK Motors Jacket (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption) 300 PP
  • 5,000 Bells (mobile) – indefinite
  • 20 Craft materials: Wood (mobile) – indefinite
  • 20 Craft materials: Steel (mobile) – indefinite
  • 20 Craft materials: Cotton (mobile) – indefinite
  • 20 Craft materials: Paper (mobile) – indefinite
  • 20 Craft materials: Preserves (mobile) – indefinite
  • 50 Leaf Tickets (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption)

Also, Super Mario rewards include:

  • Toad (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption)
  • 1000 coins (mobile) – indefinite
  • 2000 coins (mobile) – indefinite
  • 3000 coins (mobile) – indefinite
  • 5 Toad Rally Tickets (mobile) – indefinite
  • 10 Toad Rally Tickets (mobile) – indefinite
  • White Flower Patch (mobile) – indefinite (99 redemptions)
  • Block E (mobile) – indefinite indefinite (10 redemptions)
  • Gold Mario Statue (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption)
  • Gold Bowser Statue (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption)
  • Gold Peach Statue (mobile) – indefinite (1 redemption)

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