‘Batman: Court of Owls’ Game – WB Montreal Teases the Fans

Rocksteady’s new game has been rumored for a long while, and we are happy to tell you that it is indeed a new Batman title. The upcoming game, Batman: Court of Owls, has been teased by WB Montreal for a while. Last month, the Assistant Producer at WB Montreal wrote on Twitter how great her job is and showed a photo of herself dressed in a t-shirt with a familiar logo:

Although some people said it was a Harry Potter teaser, the logo is very similar to the symbol of the Court of Owls. As rumors about the new installment of “Arkham” game started to pile up, this hint appears to be the biggest teaser so far, even if it is not made by Rocksteady.

The Court of Owls is a recent storyline that focuses on a secret society which is called The Court of Owls. They have been in Gotham City since it was a colony. Now they’re out to get Batman and Bruce Wayne. Anyone who is a Batman fan must read this story.

As for a game with this storyline, it will surely be interesting. They could follow Batman uncovering the Court plans and locations, having him fighting off the Talons and more. We will just have to wait and see what WB plans for the next Batman.

The Bad News

However, there is some bad news. Patrick Redding tweeted the following message, also containing the image of an owl – was it a coincidence?

We hope their meeting goes well and we will soon learn more about the new Batman game. Redding also liked a tweet about an Arkham game announcement – which should come out next year. As always, we take all rumors with a grain of salt. What it is certain is that neither Rocksteady nor WB Games Montreal will appear on The Game Awards. This means we will not be able to learn more about their next projects.

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