Epic Games, Creators Of Fortnite, To Compete With Valve’s Steam With Its Own “Epic Games Store”

Epic Games, publisher of the Unreal Engine, one of the most widely used graphics engines in the world, but also the creator of the successful Fortnite game, is launching into the sale of video games. He has just announced the Epic Games Store, an assumed competitor of the Steam platform of Valve. To dethrone the one that has dominated the sector for ten years, Epic is focusing on a more advantageous revenue distribution for developers.

Epic Games, creator of the famous Battle Royale title, Fortnite, which is currently beating all records, but also of the Unreal Engine graphics engine, announced on December 4th its own video game store.

The Epic Games Store will be launched soon on Windows and Mac and will be extended to Android and other “open source platforms” in 2019. To be clear, the Epic Games Store is positioned in front of Steam, the Valve’s platform that has dominated the market for ten years.

Epic Games Store To Offer 88% Of The Revenues To The Games Devs

To achieve that, Epic has brought out the heavy artillery, namely, a revenues distribution that would offer 88% of the incomes to the developers. In comparison, Steam collects 30% of the income, leaving only 70% to game creators.

Also, Epic Games went even further, and, for games using its Unreal Engine, the devs would have to pay only 5% of their revenues.

Epic Games Has The Edge Over Valve’s Steam In Negotiating With Games Creators

Epic Games, creators of the renowned Fortnite, is already working with almost all the major publishers in the world and that it will surely be better placed than Valve in negotiating the release of the games on its upcoming Epic Games Store.

Its founder, Tim Sweeney, is very committed to the freedom to choose representatives of the early days of personal computing and has therefore always been very critical of closed platforms such as Apple or Microsoft with their App Store and Windows Store, respectively.

If Epic Games Store won’t win the battle with Valve’s Steam, the studio is covered since Fortnite’s success would allow Epic Games to try this adventure in games sales without much risk.

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