How to Fix Common Clash of Clans Bugs and Errors

The recent Clash of Clans updates have brought a lot of changes in the game. But this comes at a cost. A selection of older smartphones from Apple, Samsung and LG (and other Android manufacturers) are no longer Apple to play the game properly as a variety issues surfaced. Problems go from glitches, random crashes and a bug in that blocks the device from downloading or installing the updates.

During this year a variety of updates have been released and they added a high quantity of content but in some cases a few bugs also found their way beyond quality control. For example, the problems that appeared in the March update persist to this day, despite the fact that a few patches have been released since the update was first released.

If you venture on the official forum you will see a lot of reports that mention bugs and issues.  Since the latest update was quite massive some bugs continue to plague the game, but Supercell is already working hard in order to fix them.

Read below to learn about the bugs and how to fix them.

  1. The game doesn’t download or install the update

This seems to be a common issue among users. In order to fix it you can try to close all the apps and restart Clash of Clans. You can also go to the app store, find the app and tap on the update option.

  1. Old iOS devices are no longer supported

In order to play the game your device will have to run iOS 9.0 or a superior version. Try to update your device if you can, or buy a new device.

  1. The game won’t load on some Android devices

Users are advice to go to the app manager, find the app and delete the cache. This should fix a variety of problems like crashes, loading issues and other problems.

  1. A revamped Barrack system

The new interface may confuse old users that haven’t logged recently. This is a feature and the new system us more convenient.

  1. The account was banned.

It happened because you may have used cheats and this is not allowed. The ban is permanent and you will have to start from square 1.



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