GTA Online Arena War Is Adding 7 New Modes And 23 Vehicles

GTA Online Arena War mode launched today on consoles with additional content, including seven new modes and 23 new highly dangerous vehicles types. As mentioned, the new GTA Online update is already available for consoles and weighs under 4 Gb.

GTA Online Arena War comes with seven new modes, namely, Hot Bomb, Wreck-It, Games Masters, Carnage, Flag War and Tag Team, and Here Come The Monsters. All of these new game modes make use of custom-built vehicles such as heavily armed trucks, bikes, and racing cars.

As reported on Twitter by Tex2, a renowned leaker, the new Arena War update for GTA Online would bring 23 new vehicles, including new variants of some vehicles already present in the game but also some brand new cars.

“GTA Online Arena War – 23 new vehicles in the update, including custom versions of existing vehicles,” said Tex2 on Twitter, revealing one of the most critical aspects of the new GTA Online update.

GTA Online Arena War Is Adding 7 New Modes And 23 Vehicles

The new GTA Online Arena War is taking place in the region of the Maze Bank Arena in the game, and gamers who start a new career mode can progress with Arena Point and unlock lethal transport that they can use in GTA Online’s free roam modes.

The new 23 vehicles in GTA Online Arena War do not come cheap, so you’ll have to earn some big cash in the game before being able to buy them. Here’s the list of prices for some of the new trucks and cars in GTA Online:

  • Apocalypse Cerberus – $3,870,300
  • Apocalypse Scarab – $3,076,290
  • Apocalypse Brutus – $2,666,650
  • Apocalypse Imperator – $2,284,940
  • Apocalypse ZR380 – $2,138,640

Also, players can upgrade some of the trucks and cars they already have in their garage or buy new vehicles directly. All these vehicles are available on which is accessible on your in-game mobile phone.

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