PlayStation Classic Hacked To Run More Games

The Sony PlayStation Classic has several security issues, which indicates that Sony has not worried much in this regard. It’s true that most of the customers of this new classic console just want to have something that kills their nostalgia.

Even though many would only use it a couple of times a week, as nowadays it’s possible to play much more exciting and addictive games on mobile phones and modern consoles than those PlayStation 1 games, that hasn’t stopped a team of hackers to mod the PlayStation Classic and turned it into a much more powerful machine.

Some users have already discovered how to load other games that were not originally included with the device, and all that was possible with a USB drive. Ars Technica reports that, in fact, Sony didn’t do much to hide the tools needed for hacking the PlayStation Classic, as the company hid the key to decipher its most sensitive software elements on the device itself.

PlayStation Classic Hacked To Run More Games

Some console hackers, such as Yifan Lu and madmonkey1907, have been documenting the process of first downloading the system code onto an external machine. Lu was able to make the device run Crash Bandicoot through a USB device.

Another hacker reported on GitHub that he has already created an open source tool, BleemSync, that allows you to mod your Classic console more efficiently at home. By configuring folders and files, and then doing a little editing of the database, we can already run various games, according to the hacker.

The goal is actually to improve the recently released PlayStation Classic console and make it run newer games and even other system emulators to force it run SNES and N64 games. At the moment, Sony seems not to care much about the subject.

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