Minecraft Bedrock 1.8.0 Update – Download Available with New Improvements and Features

Here is everything you need to know about Minecraft’s latest update, the Bedrock 1.8.0

It hasn’t been long since Minecraft released Cats and Pandas, a new version of the game. This new member of the family soon gained its popularity, so now developers improved it by launching an update – the Bedrock 1.8.0. Fans should be prepared, because it comes with many surprises and nifty changes.

Bedrock 1.8.0 has every chance of becoming one of gamers’ favourite version. Apart from redesigning cats, adding bamboo and scaffolding, the game actually introduces pandas. The climate and scenario are a bit different as well, but this also means a new and more intense gaming experience.

New features are waiting to be discovered

We already mentioned the fact that Bedrock 1.8.0 comes with a few improvements and new features. Let’s mention some of them.

  • Pandas now spawn all over the jungle and they have the ability to roll and lounge all day;
  • Villages are full of stray cats spawning everywhere;
  • You can tame cats by using fish;
  • Ocelots can no longer be tames, but players can earn their trust by feeding them;
  • You can find bamboo through the jungle, while fishing. You will, most certainly, find it appearing in some chests, because for now it cannot appear in the world naturally;
  • Scaffolding is a climbable block which gamers can craft while using bamboo;
  • New Achievements have been added;
  • Crossbow weapons come with new enchantments like Multishot, Piercing or Quick Charge;
  • Bugs and crashes have been fixed;
  • The game introduces a more user-friendly interface.

These are only a few important mentions, but a lot more is waiting to be discovered. You can find out all about Bedrock 1.8.0 if you download it and start playing it.

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