Street Fighter 5 Trial Is Available For Free On PlayStation 4 And PC Until December 18th

Capcom has announced that until next Tuesday, on December 18th, we will be able to play a Street Fighter 5 trial for free, which is the latest installment of its popular and old-school fighting game series. In this trial version, there will be 16 fighters available from the original game plus three fighters that Capcom added at a later point via a DLC pack, namely, Guile, Akuma, and Sagat.

Street Fighter is one of the most popular fighting games ever created, along with Mortal Kombat series. Many titles have launched over time, and the most recent installment is Street Fighter 5, released in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Now, it’s time to test it in a new Street Fighter 5 trial version, already available for free on PlayStation 4 and Steam on PC until December 18th.

Street Fighter 5 Trial Is Available For Free on PlayStation 4 and PC Until December 18th

We will have different game modes available in the Street Fighter 5 trial, including Arcade, Versus, Challenges, and Training Mode. However, the three additional characters can’t be used either in the Arcade or in the Versus mode.

On the other hand, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition includes every character from the original title plus all the content of seasons 1 and 2, summing up to multiple playable characters and lots of premium outfits.

Besides the free Street Fighter 5 trial, new modes and features, in addition to the main game, are already available for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in the form of a free update that is already up and live for every Street Fighter V owner.

Get The New Street Fighter V Demo From PlayStation Store or Steam

Street Fighter 5 is available for PlayStation 4 and PC, giving gamers the possibility to play online between the two platforms. You can grab one copy of Street Fighter V for PC for only $7.99, while Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition costs $19.99.

The Street Fighter 5 demo can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store or Steam for Windows users.

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