Subway Surfers Version 1.96.2: What’s New?

We’ve all heard of this game: you have to dash as fast as you can, and dodge the trains. Basically, help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape the inspector and his dog.

Subway surfers is that game in which you have to keep running and avoid all the obstacles that come into your way. It’s available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows – it uses the Unity Game Engine. You’re a young graffiti artist that runs from the Inspector, who hopes to catch the young man in the act, at a metro railway site. As you run, you get to collect coins – but be careful at the obstacles, because if you hit one, you lose. You can jump on trains (you kind of have to – there are coins everywhere, even in the air). There are also many special events, such as Weekly Hunts, that will bring you rewards and new characters. In 2013, they introduced an update based on a “World Tour” theme.
The game was released in 2012, and it has many updates, including updates based on seasonal holidays.

Let’s not even start talking about the HD graphics and the hoverboard surfing. Also, the paint powered jetpack and the fast swipe actions. Challenge your friends and even help them when they’re in need.

What’s new?

We’ve seen before how they celebrated the Winter holiday in England. We’ve seen snowy streets and all the holiday vibes of London. We got to customize Jamie’s outfit, and we got the possibility to unlock all the holiday boards and characters. We got to search the tracks for Cookies and win weekly prizes. Now we can still enjoy all of this, but with the new update, the bugs were fixed, and they have also worked at the optimization.

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