Steel Titans: Go to the Battlefield with the Best Tank Video Games!

Playing military shooters can be very satisfying if you’re into such games, and titles involving tanks can be especially fun to play. From the age-old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game “Tank 1990,” the world of gaming has evolved tremendously, and there are numerous captivating tank games out there to try!

It’s impossible to pick an absolute best when we’re talking about video games regarding tanks. That’s because each game has its own charm, but we’re glad to have the privilege of making a list of some of the best military games about tanks:

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is perhaps the first game that comes to mind when we first speak about games about tanks and for good reasons. This is an MMORPG game with more than 150 million registered players across the world, and perhaps the best part is that it lacks a single-player mode.

In World of Tanks, you get the chance to participate in 15 vs. 15 battles in which teamwork and strategy are crucial. Hiding your tank beneath bushes and trees is a “must” in this game if you want to win. Whatever you do in World of Tanks, you should always keep moving in order to make it harder for your opponents to hit you.

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a game that adds a modern twist on tank warfare, as it’s a game that offers players the chance to command armored vehicles in fast-paced player vs player battles. Armored Warfare is set in a futuristic world where private military corporations vie for dominance. There are lots of customizable tanks, dynamic environments, and a wide range of mission types in this game that can definitely keep you glued to your controller for hours.

Armored Warfare primarily focuses on player progression and cooperative gameplay, and it offers a fresh and engaging take on the tank warfare genre.

War Thunder

War Thunder is another highly captivating game that qualifies as a massively multiplayer online game that spans air, land, and sea battles. However, its tank warfare component stands out as among the finest in the genre. War Thunder offers a diverse selection of tanks from various eras and nations, as it delivers realistic tank combat matches across battlefields that were closely recreated.

War Thunder offers various gameplay modes, such as cooperative missions, PvP battles, and even historically accurate scenarios. Therefore, War Thunder is not just another military shooter, as it can also allow you to rewrite history!

The Battlefield series

Even though the famous Battlefield series is not entirely focused on tanks, it has permanently offered tank warfare as part of its large-scale multiplayer battles. By playing Battlefield, you can immerse yourself in the iconic tank battles of Battlefield 1942 and more modern armored warfare from Battlefield 4 and beyond. We can safely say that the Battlefield series has captured the chaos and essence of tank combat on the virtual battlefield! The series is known for vehicular mayhem, destructive environments, and intense infantry-tank engagements.

Steel Beasts Pro PE

Steel Beasts Pro PE is a game that offers highly realistic tank simulation battles, as it delivers great authenticity. This game was actually designed as a training tool for military professionals, and there’s no wonder why if we take a good look at its realistic physics, highly detailed tank models, and advanced AI opponents.

There are lots of great video games involving tanks out there, so feel free to tell us in the comment section which one you would choose and why!

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