New Minecraft Bedrock Update Adds Pandas and Bamboo

Initially released in 2011 Minecraft quickly rose to popularity due to the interactive gameplay that encourages users to be creative and imaginative. The sandbox game allows users to build whatever they want as long as they are able to gather and craft the required materials (or choose to play the Creative mode where all the materials are infinite and available in the inventory from the start).

The Java Edition remains the best-selling PC of all times with over 29 million copies sold by October 2018. The Bedrock versions was released later and it is available on a variety of platforms including Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS and others.

A new update has been recently released for the Bedrock versions, bringing a variety of interesting features and bug fixes that will enhance the experience of players.

The stars of the update are panda bears, the prime fans of the newly added bamboo. Pandas are quite protective when their cubs are around so Survival mode players should pay attention when they encounter them in the jungle.

Cats have been revamped and they can now be tamed by using fish. Stray cats can be usually found in villages where they should spawn regularly. Phantoms will be scarred by cats and they will not haunt the area while a cat is nearby.

Bamboo can be found by fishing in jungles but the ability to spawn naturally will be added in a future update. Some blocks can also be found by looting chests.

Users that enjoy climbing will love the new scaffolding block. It can be crafted by using bamboo.

Those that enjoy the experimental gameplay feature will be able to test new enchantments for crossbows before they become available for all players.

A host of bugs are also fixed. Many crashes that occurred on the Xbox One, Gear VR and Windows 10 will no longer happen and many minor bugs have been removed from the game.

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