Plant vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Update Available to Download

When the first Plants vs. Zombie Garden Warfare was released many were skeptic about the transition from a strategy game to a shooter. The game was well-received by users and reviewers alive and the sequel became one of the most popular titles. Featuring refreshed mechanics, a new class system and interesting characters, the game manages to satiate your thirst for vegetable violence.

Since the game was first released in 2016 a steady stream of updates fixed bugs while also adding new content and improvements, managing to keep users involved and interested.

A new patch is now available for the game. The update is part of a content schedule that has been previously announced earlier in the summer, promising consistent content updates in July and December.

The patch is quite big, reaching almost 10GB for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. The same patch is also available for PC users. While official patch notes were not published when the update was released (and they were still nowhere to be found when this article was written) users were quick to spot a few changes and differences. Read below for select highlights.

New game mode

Users can join a new Mystery Portal Event called Capture the Taco Mode. The mode imitates the popular capture the flag gameplay but adds a few unique twists.

New portal settings

Those that want to customize their Mystery Portal Event experience are able to choose between four new modifiers that may improve their overall performance.

Fresh character sets and mounts

Hew character sets and a wacky mount were also added. The items can be found via Rux until January and they may become available again at some point in the future.

Performance and bug fixes

The patch also adds a variety of fixes and improvements that will make the game more enjoyable since several annoying bugs have been fixed.


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