Just Cause 4 Patch Download Available for the PS4 With New Improvements

The new Just Cause 4 1.02 patch can now be downloaded on the PS4. While it was released earlier for the PC, the patch adds a variety of console-exclusive features on Sony’s system.

The release of the patch has been hinted earlier by Square Enix in an official blog post. Below you can find a comprehensive selection of improvement s and features added by the new patch.

General improvements:

  • The overall stability of the game has been improved.
  • Vegetation assets should now load properly everywhere in the game.
  • Issues that affected texture mapping have been fixed.
  • Console-exclusive improvements:
  • Console users will now enjoy a better resolution output.
  • Players will be able to set motion blur at a desired level or even turn the feature off completely if they want to.
  • Motion blur rendering bugs have been eliminated.
  • In some cut scenes lightning quality has been improved.

The patch is also available for Xbox One users. Many fans have asked Avalanche Studios, the developer, to add the option of toggling motion blur since the spectacular effect doesn’t seem to work so well on some TVs.

According to some posts on the official Reddit there are a few technical issues that continue to appear after the patch but there is hope that they will be addressed in the future.

Just Cause 4, as the name suggests, is the fourth installment in the long-running Just Cause franchise. From the first game players enjoyed the ability to wreak major havoc in the game world as they are able to destroy certain environments completely.

The bar for destruction was raised even higher with Just Cause 4 as the game features a selection of extreme weather manifestations like a serious sandstorm, a lethal tropical storm, a huge tornado and others phenomena that contribute to beautiful gameplay events.

The game was well-received by users and reviewers, receiving praise for the high level of action, the addition of new weapons and a main story that manages to remain engaging.

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