Legendary Pokemon Heatran Made It Into Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has a new protagonist starting from today, as, finally, Niantic added the Legendary Pokemon Heatran to the game.

Pokemon GO is still one of the most popular and appreciated games on Android and iOS. Niantic knows that, so the company is frequently rolling out new updates and content to the game to keep the fans hooked.

Legendary Pokemon Heatran Made It Into Pokemon GO

Niantic does not want to neglect the Pokemon GO players, and that is why it continues to offer new content for the title regularly. Today, the company announced the arrival of Heatran, the fourth-generation Legendary Pokemon. Heatran will be the new protagonist in the Pokemon GO Field Research and Raids and will only be available until January 15th, 2019, so we’ll have to be quick if we want to capture it.

Remember that Heatran is a Legendary Pokemon of Fire and Steel, so it would be a good idea to go into the Field Research with a team of Water, Fight, and Earth creatures to have a better chance of defeating it. Heatran has enormous power in Pokemon GO, so don’t take the fights against him lightly.

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles Are Also Available For Gamers

On the other hand, we remind you that we can now take part in the Pokemon GO Trainer Battles to fight other players.

“Pokemon Go has a lot going on today on mobile devices. First, Trainer Battles have arrived, so anyone at Level 10 can duke it out with other players. Additionally, the annual winter event is live now, with a focus on Gen 4 and Ice-type Pokemon,” reported GameSpot.

If you want to learn more about Pokemon GO Trainer Battles, Niantic released a tutorial on the official Pokemon GO YouTube channel. Below, you can watch the video and find out more about the new mode in the game, Pokemon GO Trainer Battles.

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