Minecraft PlayStation 1.83 Patch Adds New Trophies and Features

A new patch for the PS4 version of Minecraft has been released today, adding 6 new PlayStation trophies and the entertaining The Nightmare before Christmas Mash-Up pack.

Older platforms will also receive a final patch next week. The PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360 will receive the same final update, although it will roll-out gradually for all platforms in order to prevent any potential issue.

Below you can find a list of the new features included in patch 1.83.

A new Holiday update is bundled with the pack.

A reworked mob type, cat, has been added to the game. Stray cats will spawn around villages and they can be tamed with tasty fish. Cats will keep Phantoms away from your house, making them a perfect addition for those that enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Pandas can now be encountered in the jungle biome. They eat the newly available bamboo and are very protective when their cubs are around so intrepid explores should pay attention to their surroundings. They also come in a variety of interesting types. Lazy Pandas will spend most of their time eating. Weak Pandas are easier to kill and they can be spotted easily since they eliminate a strange-looking slime when they sneeze. Worried Pandas can be scared by everything around them, including players and other mobs. Aggressive Pandas won’t go down without a fight and they deal a larger amount of damage, while the Playful Pandas love to roll around and play. Lucky players will have the chance to see a Brown Panda, one of the rarest mobs in the game.

Bamboo will allow players to build new Scaffolding blocks, or feed tamed Pandas. While it cannot be harvested at this point Bamboo blocks will appear in treasure chests.

Ocelots cannot transform into cats from now on but they will still trust players.

A variety of fixes has been implemented and several bugs have been removed from the game.

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