PUBG Mobile Surpassed Fortnite In November Regarding In-App Purchases

While we often like to call Fortnite as the dominant video game in the world of Battle Royale and, even more generally, in the universe of online video games, PUBG is also an impressive title, at least in popularity and fans’ appreciation. Also, PUBG Mobile, commonly dubbed as the most similar port to the original version of the game, is a great success on Android. According to the famous SenseTower site, PUBG Mobile surpassed Fortnite in November regarding in-app purchases.

Both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are popular titles on Android and record a vast database of gamers. Even though Fortnite is enjoying more appreciation than PUBG Mobile, the latter is a fierce competitor, and it managed to surpass Fortnite in November, in terms of in-app purchases.

PUBG Mobile Surpassed Fortnite In November Regarding In-App Purchases

According to SenseTower, which is frequently releasing statistics and analysis of the tech industry, in general, and video games universe, in particular, PUBG Mobile registered a record number of revenues in November, even above the Epic Games’ Fortnite. PUBG Mobile players have spent no less than $32.5 million worldwide in PUBG Mobile.

That figure is by 44 percent higher than the revenues PUBG Mobile scored in October, and by 26 percent more than what the game made in August. This impressive rise is mostly due, in particular, to the inclusion of the PUBG Royale Pass, a real cardboard box whose profits Tencent admitted last June, with weekly sales up to 365% higher.

Epic Games’ Fortnite Remains The King Of Battle Royale, In Case We Take All Platforms Into Account

Of course, if you count all the platforms, the impressive Fortnite retains control, and by far, it has some 200 million unique users. It remains to be seen how the recent arrival of PUBG on PlayStation 4 will influence the statistics.

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