Brawl Stars: Unlocking Bix Boxes and Getting Star Tokens

Supercell, which is the studio behind the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale games, has recently released a brand new game, which is called Brawl Stars. The game is totally free, and it’s everything you’ve expected. It’s a mobile fighting game that has a lot of loot and upgrades for players to collect and also getting the Star Tokens.

Star Tokens are generally used to unlock the Big Box loot crate, which comes with more goodies than any other standard box of loot. You need 10 Star Tokens to unlock a Big Box, but the real question is how you can get them?

We’ve written this article to give you three ways to get the Star Tokens.

  1. Win a 3v3 event
  2. Get in top 4 in a Solo Showdown event
  3. Get in top 2 Duo Showdown event

You’ll see if an event will give you a Star Token for succeeding when you’ll see the icon in the corner from the top left. When you win and get a Star Token, you might have to wait a bit until the event gets refreshed, and then you can get another Star Token for finishing it.

The events have different timer countdowns – it might take 24 hours for an event to refresh, or less. And this means that you will have to wait even an entire day to get your Star Token again. If you open up the game multiple times a day and play on all the events that have a Star Token, then you can collect some of them in those 24 hours you have to wait.

What can you get from a Big Box?

You’ll get Brawl Boxes, every few hours. You can unlock them with standard Tokens. What’s inside is good, but what’s inside Big Boxes is better. You’ll get access to rare characters which are more effective in the game.


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