Pokémon GO 2019 Begins With Totodile as the Star Pokémon – Here’s How You Can Catch It

The year is almost finished, and Pokémon GO is adding content to the game to keep it running and interesting. This week, we got a new Raid Boss and now the details of the Community Day in January have been confirmed.

What should you expect during this event and how can you get your hands on the new Pokémon to complete your collection?

Starting the “New Year With a Splash”

The star Pokémon will be Totodile, a Johto starter Pokémon, that will hopefully give players the opportunity to get to evolve it in all forms – regular and shiny! Here is the announcement on the PokemonGoApp Twitter page:

It is time to start the new year with a splash, Trainers! Next month’s #PokemonGOCommunityDay will be held during the second weekend of January, featuring the Water-type Pokémon Totodile!

The event will begin at 10 am GMT on 12 January and will end at 1 pm GMT. You will be able to find Totodile almost everywhere during this period, and you can even learn some new moves for it or its evolutions!

As we already mentioned, the new raid boss is already here. It is Heatran, who replaced Cresselia, and who will be ready to fight you starting on 15 January. If you are planning to win and catch him, prepare a team of Pokémon that includes Water, Fighting, and Ground types.

Pokémon Go in 2019

Niantic has plans for the app, and they will surely focus on its popular features like raid battles and field research. Probably they will be more frequent, and we will also see more modes that will make the game more appealing for the players.

What we really want to see Niantic improve is the PvP that allows players to battle, but it’s too basic and limited. If it gets improved, it might offer a skill-based experience. And we are all waiting for the turn-based system that has been used in the main Pokémon games so far.

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