Clash of Clans Updates: Where Did It All Start?

It’s been years since we’ve seen the firsts modifications regarding smartphone games around the globe. We’ve seen lots of games and lots of strategies, and Clash of Clans is still our favorite.

Even if the game is not that old, we’ve seen its rise to popularity ever since its first days on the market. It’s one of the most loved mobile games in the entire world.

We’ve written this article to help you understand the history of Clash of Clans.

The beginning

People from Supercell had really outdone themselves when they first released Clash of Clans. In 2012, it was released for iOS, and then it was made available for Android in 2013. And ever since 2012, the game started to win players around the world.

If we are to look at the definition, the game is something known as a mobile strategy video game that’s also freemium. This means that players can download the game without paying for it, but they may have in-app purchases and add-ons and upgrades in the way.

The purpose of the game focuses on the tactics of the players and their strategical skills that they need to use in order to get the victory.

The gameplay

This game is a multiplayer game, so there are many users that build their villages and communities, which are called clans. When a player builds his community, he also has to train a troop that’s used in attacking other players and their villages. When you win an attack, you get gems, elixirs, gold and many other resources. The game works with four currencies, and each has a specific purpose. For example, gold is used to build and reload the defensive structures that come in handy for protection in other players’ attacks.

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