PlayStation 5, Subtly Teased By Sony In Its Free Holiday PS4 Theme

We already know that both Microsoft and Sony are working on their next-gen consoles, at the moment, at least, dubbed as Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, neither of the two giant tech companies has revealed some concrete details about the next systems, so all we know about them comes from leaks and rumors, more or less from reliable sources. Now, however, we might have the first official PlayStation 5 tease from Sony, subtly hidden within a free holiday PS4 theme that the Japanese company sent to some of its fans.

“We wanted to thank you, the PlayStation community, for a glorious 2018. Together we’ve embarked on new journeys, battled heroic fights, and saved the world. The power of play is what brings us together,” said Sony at that time.

According to Mike Peterson, the free holiday PS4 theme is a subtle teaser for PlayStation 5, and he explained why he thinks that on Twitter.

PlayStation 5, Subtly Teased By Sony Via The Free Holiday PS4 Theme They Recently Shared

“HOOLLLDDDD UPP. Look at the S in ‘Holidays.’ Now, look at the S in ‘PlayStation.’ Did PlayStation just low key announce the PS5 in their holiday theme?” asked Mike Peterson on Twitter.

And he is right, by the way. In the image above, just take a look at the “S” in Holidays and then at the “S” in PlayStation. There’s no doubt that the “S” in PlayStation is actually a “5.” It might indeed tease to the next-gen console from Sony, PlayStation 5.

Some came up saying that Sony just thanked the community for an excellent 5th holiday season for the PS4, and that’s why that “S” is looking like a “5.” But that’s not correct, as, in reality, PlayStation 4 celebrates its 6th holiday season. Accordingly, that might indeed be the first tease of PlayStation 5 about which, hopefully, we’ll have something official in 2019.

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