Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Experience the Best

You must have lived under a rock if you haven’t heard of Clash of Clans yet. It’s the biggest mobile game from the entire world, and it makes about £3.2 million per day for Supercell, its developers. It’s a very fun way to spend your time.

We’ve written this article to give you some tips on how to have the best experience while playing the game.

Join a clan

Just as it happens in Clash Royale, you must join a clan. It’s the best way to earn loot and many other bonuses. About 50 players can join one clan, and it gives you the option to take part in wars that can give you loot. A lot of loot. Those players that you consider friendly can hide in your castle and even defend it if someone’s attacking your base. As a newcomer, this is very important, since it will be harder for the enemy to invade your base.

Make the perfect layout

You can build your village however you like, but it’s crucial to protect all the vital resources and buildings if you’re planning on surviving more than a week. When constructing the walls, you might want to protect the units and them confuse the enemy with more than one path and more layers.

When starting this journey, you won’t get many options – it’s true – but make sure that your town hall and storage facilities are protected at all times if you don’t want to lose it all. If you protect your village, you can also earn trophies, which can be used to rank individual players. Keep in mind, the game ends if your town hall falls.

Upgrade your troops

The whole point of the game is to invade enemy villages, and you cannot do it unless you have a strong army. If you upgrade the individual troops, you’ll get unique bonuses, thing that will allow the troops to attack with more damage. However, this can be very expensive, so you need to prioritize the units and then see which one needs to be upgraded first.




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