Fortnite New Year’s Event Is Now Live And People Wonder If It Got Leaked

The in-game New Year’s Event in Fortnite just went live at around 2 AM PT on Monday, December 31st, and players began to wonder if the event got leaked ahead of its schedule. Nonetheless, in a Tweet, the Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games, Mark Rein, has confirmed that the event went live as it was intended – it was meant to go live on New Years in the Christmas Island in Kiribati. Here is his tweet below:

Players watched the countdown, the disco ball, and fireworks up in the sky, assuming that it was just a tease. At that moment, Epic Games did not comment on the leaked event, but Rein explained later that the event was on schedule and everything went as planned.

Music and Party in Fortnite on New Years Night

The event started with music, sound effects and an enormous disco ball that comes through a portal from the sky. As soon as the disco ball got lowered, the countdown on the sky appeared as the disco ball spins and emits light which is synced to the music. As the countdown reaches to 0, fireworks appear in the sky and confetti fell from the disco ball, with cheering sound effects on the background.

Players cannot be killed at that moment and begin to dance. If you are worried you didn’t get to party in Fortnite and see the event, there are videos with it online. It seems that the event will occur every hour as all nations celebrate the beginning of the new year.

Aside from the New Year’s Eve event in Fortnite, Epic Games will also broadcast Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins who will be live on Twitch from Times Square in New York City! Check out this link on Twitter, where you can see the event live starting with 11:00 PM GMT+2.

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