Netflix No Longer Supports iTunes Billing For New Members

In an interview with VentureBeat, a Netflix spokesperson stated that the company would no longer “support iTunes as a method of payment for new members.” The members that are not new will be able to use iTunes to pay, though.

Last year, Netflix let iOS users in over 20 markets worldwide to use iTunes and pay for their subscriptions, but the company stated that this experiment had been concluded and it will be changed globally.

How to Pay for Netflix on iOS Devices?

Late last month, the change was done globally, says a support representative from Netflix. The source also added that if a user that rejoins Netflix from an iOS device after canceling the payment for at least a month won’t be able to pay through iTunes.

Meanwhile, the tension between Netflix and Apple and Google seems to grow.

The app developer gets charged 15% of each in-app subscription on the store platforms – at least in the past two years. Before that, both Apple and Google asked a 30% cut.

New users that want a Netflix subscription and must pay for it will have to visit the official website. As for Android users, Netflix has stopped payment through the Google Play Store starting with May 2018.

Epic Games Store, Discord Store, and Lower Cuts

A top-grossing app in Apple’s App Store, Netflix is not the only one who is trying to avoid the fees imposed by Apple and Google. Apps like Spotify, Financial Times, Fortnite and even Valve have had to deal with the giants.

For example, Fortnite developer Epic Games ditched Google Play and launched their game store for PC and Mac with only 12% cut. It won’t be long until we see many PC and Android titles in the Epic Games Store.

Discord also announced that they would only charge 10% of each sale to game devs after they also launched a store of their own.

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