Pokemon Go Field: We Have the Research List for January

We now have the January 2019 Field Research tasks and we cannot be more thrilled. Users have started to make a list of all the new Field Research Tasks. Of course, that list will be kept updated as even more rewards and tasks are put in the game.


If you complete seven different research tasks in 7 days, you get a Research Breakthrough. As per Niantic, in January, each Research Breakthrough you get will give you a randomly selected Legendary Pokemon – even Lugia and Ho-Oh. You can even meet with their shiny versions, as some users have recently found.


If you had started your Field Research tasks on the 1st of January, then you might have gotten four Legendary Pokemon. However, if you had started in December, you might have completed 7 Field Research task until January; if you continued with that, you could have gotten five Legendary Pokemon.


To evolve


If you evolve a Pokemon, you get Eevee or Sunkern

If you evolve a Pokemon by using an item, you get Aerodactyl.


For throw


If you make a great curveball throw, you get Spinda.

If you make three great throws, you get Gastly.

If you make five nice throws, you get Bidoof.

If you make three throws in a row, you get Larvitar


For battle


For a battle in a gym, you get Machop or Mankey

For a battle in a gym five times, you get Machop.

If you win five gym battles, you get Lapras

If you win a battle in a Raid, you get Drowzee.


For catch


If you catch ten Ice-type Pokemon, you get Kabuto

If you catch ten Pokemon, you get Magikarp

If you catch five Pokemon by using Weather Boost, you get Poliwag or Vulpix

If you catch a Dragon-type Pokemon, you get Dratini

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